Document List (Cull)

The Document List (Cull) displays the documents selected from the Cull dashboard or Cull Searches page and enables you to promote the documents into a Review matter. Documents in the Document List (Cull) can be viewed in read-only ECA Document Viewer

  1. Document List menu: Enables you to:
  2. Refresh: Update the current display with the current documents in the repository.

    Show/Hide Facet Explore: View current filters applied to the document set.

    Show/Hide Deduplication: View the Deduplication Menu to apply filters that remove duplicate documents of different criteria while updating the number of files for promotion.

    Perform the following actions:

    • Save Search: Create a saved search of the Document List.
    • Update & Run: Erase the cached results and update the search with new results for both static and dynamic searches. (Default action for dynamic searches.)
    • Copy: Copy the search criteria in the Search Builder as a new search.
    • Modify: Load the search criteria in the Search Builder as an existing search.
    • Reports: Generate the following reports:
    • Attribute Report: Report of all the attributes
    • Keywords: Report of all the keywords
    • Selected Keyword Report: Report of selected keywords
    • Deduplication: CSV report of duplicates in a search
    • Export Deduplication: CSV report of exported duplicates in a search
    • Export to CSV: Download CSV report for all documents with a choice of columns.
    • Advanced Sorting: Determine which metadata fields are used to sort the document listing and in which order. (Multiple fields can be sorted in ascending or descending order.)
    • Customized Fields: Manage document listing view profiles by selecting what fields are displayed in the Document Metadata section.
    • Delete Documents: Permanently delete documents from any repository.
  3. Document Viewer: Displays ID number of the document selected in the Document Metadata section, as well as identifying the type of document and whether or not it includes attachments. Click to open the document in Cull's view only text Document Viewer.
  4. Deduplication Menu: Enables you to:
    • Remove duplicate documents at a global or custodian level, including those previously promoted.
    • Choose whether to include family documents.
    • View the total number of documents in the search after applying the deduplication filters.
  5. Command Buttons:
    • Queue: Opens the Update Export Queues to stage documents for export. (This enables you to queue multiple promotions for a single event.)
    • Promote: Opens the Export window to promote documents to a Review platform.
  6. Cull Filters: Displays filters applied from the Cull dashboard. You can continue to apply filters to further reduce the selected files. Filters selected on the Document List appear as chips.
  7. Post Filtering: Displays the number of files and total size of in the search using the currently selected filters.
  8. Document Metadata: Displays the configurable metadata fields selected with the Document List menu Action icon's Customized Fields command. Click a document's Document ID to open the document in Cull's view only text Document Viewer.
  9. Document Totals: Displays the total number of documents in the Document List, as well as the number of the document currently selected.