ECA Document Viewer

The read-only ECA Document Viewer displays documents from Cull's Document List as extracted text.

  1. Menu bar: View Document ID and document type on display and navigate the Review Document List.
  2. Icon


    Copy document URL: Copies the document URL to clipboard, enabling you to create a link to the document in an external browser (whose IP address can than be shared, emailed, ...)
    Undock embedded viewer: Open the Nebula viewer in a new web browser tab.
    Dock embedded viewer: Return the Nebula viewer to the Nebula web browser tab.
    Toggle Coding Panel Location: Move the Coding pane to the left or right margin of the Document Viewer.
    Action: Select Download native to download a copy of the original document.
  3. Viewing pane: Group documents by Attributes and view Related documents and Metadatafields.
  4. Viewing tabs: View document as Text (extracted text or OCR from the document).