Cull Filtering

Use the Cull dashboard to filter the documents you want to promote into the Review platform. Selected filters apply to all documents in the repository, enabling you to create an "on the fly" search.

To filter a repository

  1. On the Cull dashboard Filter section, use the Attributes (popular metadata fields) and Correspondence (all email addresses in the database) and NLP tabs to select criteria to locate and group documents.
  2. Attributes can be:

    • Arranged alphabetically
    • Ordered by amount of documents
    • Searched for text strings

    Correspondence can be viewed by either:

    • Individual email address (Participants)
    • To avoid redundant selections, check boxes only appear for items available in the database.

    • (Domains)

    NLP can be filtered by:

    • Sentiment
    • Category
    • Named Entity

    Selected attributes appear as chips in the Filter heading.

  3. Click Search.

Documents matching the filter criteria appear in the Cull Document List.

To view the details of a selected attribute

  1. Hover above a chip.

To clear the contents of filter

  1. Click the X of the filter chip you want cleared.
  2. Post filtering tallies the number documents the selected filters will return.