Using Text Searching

Use the Text Searching section to create search criteria for the contents of text and metadata (such as keywords, source folder, and title) based on the free form text you want to locate.

Nebula uses Apache Solr logic in generating results for text based searches.


You could search for PDF files in the Text Searching section with the following:

Select Field...: Choose Extension.

Operator...: Choose Contains.

(search field): Type pdf.

To text search

  1. On the Search Builder, in the Text Searching section, click + Add Term.
  2. In the Select Field... drop list, select the metadata to search. All fields in this drop list contain long text or fixed length text.
  3. Select the Operator for the search criteria.
    • Note: The contents of the Operator field defaults according to the metadata you select. It is Contains/Does not Contain with the following exceptions:

    • File ID: Equals/Does not Equal
  4. In the unlabeled text field, type the text associated with the selected field you want searched.
  5. To create additional text searching in the search criteria, repeat the steps above.
  6. Note: The default operator is AND.