Welcome to Nebula

Nebula is a modular, end-to-end ediscovery solution that maximizes productivity with cutting edge features, while providing an intuitive, consistent, and easy-to-learn experience for end users. Its workflow accelerators and proprietary software eliminate the need for third-party plugins or partially integrated applications, providing everything you need in a single tool.

Nebula is an online review tool, accessible with a web browser, and optimized for use with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Nebula's core modules enable users to:

  • Preserve: Access Nebula Big Data (NBD)
  • Import: Upload documents into Nebula.
  • Cull: Perform early case assessment (ECA) and view a dashboard of the status of the document collection.
  • Review: Review matters in a repository.
  • Admin: Access Nebula's system administrator features.

The Search Builder enables you to create queries to locate a particular file or gather collections of files with shared attributes from all the data ingested into Nebula.

The Nebula Reviewer Quick Start Guide explains the key features found within Nebula's Review.