Workflow automates the routing and distribution of documents, streamlining document review and maximizing accuracy and defensibility.

Administrators can define an efficient and consistent document review process by automating the routing and distribution of documents using levels and stages and removing the manual steps of selecting and batching documents. Workflow also controls the document batching system in Nebula, which eliminates most of the overhead traditionally associated with manual, ad hoc batching systems.

Well-designed workflows make it easy to track review progress, even in the most complex scenarios. While most matters will only have one workflow, Nebula does support multiple simultaneous workflows when necessary.

While Workflow is flexible enough to keep up with reviews that change over time, there are fundamental components that should be planned-out in advance of crafting a workflow in Nebula.

Prior to setting up workflow, the following elements should be planned-out:

  • Coding fields and tags to define various review statuses
  • The desired flow of documents from start to finish
  • User groups (only specified user groups will have access to batches for a given stage)

Workflows are itemized in the Explore pane. Click one to open the Workflow page (Review > Review Management > Workflow).

Special Considerations

  • When setting up a workflow, consider first mapping your process on paper. This may help clarify the steps when creating a workflow and adding stages.
  • Administrators will generally design workflows to move documents from level to level in ascending order, but this is not required.
  • Documents cannot move laterally (stage to stage within the same level) once batched for review in that level.
  • Documents cannot move backwards (returning to a previous level) once batched for review in that level.
  • Documents can skip levels if the entry criteria of a downstream stage is met.