File Browser

The File Browser page enables you to view and upload documents from the project's dedicated file share. It also has multiple access points within the Nebula, such as the browse in file share link on the Upload Files page when processing data.

To upload documents from the project's dedicated file share

  1. Click Import > Admin > File Browser.
  2. In the File Browser page Shares drop list, select in the dedicated file share containing the files you want to upload, then select its path (Input for processing or Output for pre-processed content).
  3. Note: To view documents and folders in the file share, select Input.

  4. In the Upload section, select the folder(s) and/or file(s) you want to upload.
  5. Note: Double-click a folder to view its contents.

  6. If you choose, click the following to assist in selecting folders and files:
    • Top: View folders at highest level the file share.
    • Add: Create and add a new folder at the displayed level of the selected file share.
    • Rename: Rename a selected folder or file in the file share.
    • Refresh: Update the current view of the folders and files displayed.
    • Delete: Delete a selected folder or file.
  7. Click Upload to view the Upload section.
  8. In the Upload section, do one of the following:
    • Drag and drop the files you want to upload from your computer into the Upload section.
    • Click choose file and select the files you want to upload from a local computer.
  9. If you are uploading content in a zip file, select the Zip Strategy from the following:
    1. Do not unzip: Upload the zip file as is.
    2. Unzip to directory: Unzip the zip file contents into the currently browsed location.
    3. Unzip to sub folder: Create a folder with the name fo the zip file in the currently browsed location and unzip the zip file contents into the new folder.
  10. Click Select.