Using Stemmed Searches

Stemmed searches locate documents using the text search as a word stem (or root form) to locate documents with words containing the text.


If you create a stemmed text search for run, your results could include

  • run
  • runs
  • runner
  • running

but not

  • ran
  • outrun
  • brunette

When multiple terms are included in a text search (for example, test OR run AND first), stemming is applied to each term.

The Stemmed option box appears in the condition for the following selected fields:

Text Searching

  • Metadata
  • Multi Text
  • Text

To create a stemmed search

  • When Text Searching for Metadata, Multi Text, or Text, do one of the following:
  • Select Stemmed to apply a stemmed search to the text you enter.
  • Clear Stemmed to search for an exact match of the text you enter.