Creating Proximity Searches

Proximity searches return results of keywords appearing within a defined span of works within the same document. Terms are entered as one line, enclosed within quotes or parentheses with a tilde and a number defining the span of words.


The following proximity search locates document with the term apple and pie, where PIE is be within 40 words of APPLE in the extracted text or metadata:

"apple pie"~40

Such as....

The apple was used to make the pie .

(apple* orange)~10 will search APPLE and wildcard variations of APPLE within 10 words of ORANGE

Such as ...

An apple is not the same as an orange.

Applesauce does not taste like orange juice.

(“apple juice” orange)~3 will search the phrase “apple juice” within 3 words of orange

Such as ...

The apple juice is not orange in color.