Document List (Review)

The Document List displays a configurable set of metadata and attributes of documents in a search result or a folder on the Reviewer dashboard. From here, users can:

  • Open the Document Viewer.
  • Perform many common database functions "en masse."

  1. Document List menu:
    • Refresh: Updates the contents of the displayed Document List.
    • Show/Hide Facet Explore: Displays current attributes of the document set.

    The Show/Hide Facet Explore icon is only available for DIRECT searches.

    • Actions: Performs mass actions on the Document List, including exporting metadata and running various reports.
  2. Document List: Displays select metadata fields for each record on the list.
  3. Note: By default, the Document List is sorted by Document ID.

  4. Document Totals: Displays the total number of documents in the Document List, as well as the number of the document currently selected.
  5. Command Buttons: Enable you to perform the following tasks to documents selected on the Document List:
    • Download natives: Prepares a zip file of the files selected in the Document List.
    • Print selected documents: Converts documents to PDF for direct printing or saving.
    • Mass Tag (Associate/Unassociate attributes with selected documents)

To open a document in the Document List in the Document Viewer

Method One

  • Locate the document in the Document List and double-click its row.

Method Two

  • Locate and select the document in Document List, then click the Document Id in the menu bar.