Review Cards

Review Cards display the real time metrics of a set of documents (based on the contents of two saved searches or other default repository metrics) as it passes through the review process. Cards are configurable to display the information that is most important to your review, and could contain details about:

  • How much of the repository did you promote to this review database?
  • How many documents have been reviewed?
  • How much of the privilege review has been completed?
  • How many remaining documents are in the review database that are available for production?


The following Review Cards display numbers and percentages of documents that were:

  • Promoted from the repository to the review database (Documents).
  • Assigned to batches (Batched).
  • Coded on the Review page (Reviewed).
  • Exported from Review and produced (Produced).

To customize a Review Card

  1. Locate the Review Card you want to customize and click its Gear icon .
  2. On the Card Customization window, update the title of the Review Card (if required).
  3. Select the Subset (Numerator) and Population (Denominator) for the document metrics you want to monitor.
  4. Click Save.

To view the Subset (Numerator) documents of the Review Card

  1. Locate the Review Card whose documents you want to view and click its Document list icon .
  2. A Document List displays the subset documents of the card.