Document Viewer

The Document Viewer displays different views of the document selected from the Document List and enables you to review and annotate documents.

  1. Menu bar: View Document ID and document type on display and navigate the Review Document List.
  2. Icon


    Copy document URL: Copies the document URL to clipboard, enabling you to create a link to the document in an external browser (whose IP address can than be shared, emailed, ...)
    Undock embedded viewer: Open the Nebula viewer in a new web browser tab.
    Dock embedded viewer: Return the Nebula viewer to the Nebula web browser tab.
    Toggle Coding Panel Location: Move the Coding pane to the left or right margin of the Document Viewer.
    Action: Perform key functions such as download, print, and view the document's history.
  3. Coding pane: Choose Coding profiles (tags for specific reviewing tasks), apply Attributes, view Related documents, Metadata fields, and Keywords, and enter Notes.
  4. Viewing tabs: Choose to view document as:
  5. Text

    View extracted text or OCR from the document.


    View a Native rendering of the document.


    View a TIFF image of document. (If no image is displayed, click Convert to Image.)

      Note: Image provides access to the Image menu bar and the ability to redact and highlight text.



      Toggle drawing redaction

      Toggle drawing highlights

      Annotation options:

      • Clear redaction options
      • Clear highlight options
      • Add full page redations
      Rotate right
      Rotate left
      Select zoom percentage to enlarge or reduce image view
      Zoom in
      Zoom out
      Fit to width
      Fit to height
      Fit to both
      Fit to actual size
      Select which version of the default image to view:Original/First Production Image/Last Production Image
      View the Document ID
      Navigation tools


    View and redact a Native rendering of Microsoft Excel files.

    Only available for Excel file documents and only after spreadsheets have been parsed.


    Listen to, redact, and annotate audio files, as well as view video files.

    Only available for multimedia file documents.

  6. Convert buttons: Convert document to image or HTML.
  7. To convert to image

    • Click the Convert to image icon .
    • On the Convert Image window, select the Default Convert Profile and click Convert.
    • On the Document List, click the Action icon and select Add to Workflow.

    To convert to HTML

    • Click the Convert to html icon .
  8. Command buttons: Coding options
    • APPLY PREVIOUS to apply the coding selection of the most recently saved document.
    • RESET to undo any coding changes you have made without saving.
    • SAVE to submit your coding selection and remain at the current document.
    • SAVE/NEXT to save your coding selection and load the next document on the Document Viewer.

Note: A read-only ECA Document Viewer is accessible from the Document List (Cull) which displays the file's text and metadata.