Review Reporting

Review reports can be created in Nebula about the documents in the matter. These reports contain:

Reports can be downloaded as either a CSV or PDF (except for Predictive Coding reports, which are CSV only).

Sample Nebula Keyword Report in CSV format.

To generate Review reports

  1. On the Review Document List, click the Action icon and select Generate Reports.
  2. On the Create Report dialog box, select the type of report you want to generate and complete its corresponding attributes
    • Attribute Report
    • Select Attribute Data Type and Sort Order (PDF only).
    • Keywords : Runs a report on all keywords in all keyword categories.
    • Selected Keyword Report
    • Select the Keywords.
    • Predictive Coding
    • Select a Classifier.
  3. Click the type of report you want to generate: Create CSV or PDF.
    If you are generating a Predictive Coding report, click Create.

Sample Reports

Attribute Report for Search

Available Attributes:

  • Primary Custodians
  • Applications
  • Extensions
  • Correspondence
  • From
  • To
  • Cc
  • Bcc
  • Domains
  • Languages
  • Timeline
  • BriefBags
  • Reviewer Imports
  • Productions
  • Tags
  • Transcripts
  • Additional Terms
  • Fraud
  • New Keywords
  • Privilege Terms
  • Special Purpose Entities
  • Admin Tags
  • Collections
  • Providers
  • Volumes


Keyword reports identify the number of documents containing a specific keyword or group of keywords.

Selected Keyword Report

Available Keywords:

  • Responsive Terms
  • Additional Terms
  • Fraud
  • New Keywords
  • Special Purpose Entities

Predictive Coding Report

Predictive Coding reports display score distribution of a selected classifier in user-defined sets of documents.