23.05.00 Release Notes

The Nebula 23.05.00 release contains the following enhancements:

  • Introduced 'promotion view,' a new feature in Cull accessible from the promotion bar.
  • This feature, which turns the existing promotion count into a clickable link, takes users to a new document list comprising all documents that survived the deduplication/family criteria applied in the promotion bar.
  • The resulting document list - the promotion view - makes it fast and easy to perform operations on only the documents that are slated for promotion, such as saving them to a List or generating a Keyword report.
  • Users can return to the original search using the navigational breadcrumb, or through the 'Recents' (star) menu.
  • Note that promotion bar settings cannot be changed while in promotion view.
  • Added a deduplication feature for Lists in Cull.
  • This allows users to remove duplicate documents from a (target) List, when compared against another (source) List.
  • Deduplicating a List is always 'global' and on the family-level.
  • Note that deduplicating a List will not deduplicate the target List against itself. This behavior will be updated in a future release. This can be worked-around using the promotion view feature to ensure the target List is deduplicated prior to deduplicating against a source List.
  • Removed 'Export Queues' from Nebula.
  • Existing Export Queues will be converted to Lists in Cull.
  • Added support for “modern comments” text extraction for Microsoft Word files.