22.09.09 Release Notes

The Nebula 22.09.09 release contains the following enhancements:

  • Introduced downloadable ZIP packages for productions and exports.
  • Downloads are handled natively by the user’s web browser (Firefox, Chrome).
  • Eliminates the need for Tech Support > FTP intervention.
  • Speeds are influenced primarily by the user’s available download bandwidth.
  • Improved UI for ‘kebab’ (eg. triple-dot; 3-dot) action menu icons for objects in tables such as: searches, lists, markup sets, etc.
  • Added object-level security capabilities to custom attributes.
  • Improved redaction label switching by leveraging right-click context menu instead of a popup dialog (same as ‘Resize Font’ feature).
  • Added dynamic resizing (width) support for [Markup_Set/Label] drop-down menu in the document viewers to better accommodate longer labels.
  • Zoom setting in the image viewer is now ‘sticky’ going both page-to-page and document-to-document.
  • Rotation setting in the image viewer is now ‘sticky’ going page-to-page within the same document.
  • Added column sorting for Predictive Coding score fields in the doc list.
  • Resolved issue where removing documents from a previously released production would not delete the production images associated with those documents.
  • Resolved issue preventing a saved search from being relocated to a different search folder when saving from the mass action menu of the document list.
  • Resolved issue where scope-limiting a Keyword Category in Cull was not always respected if family members existed outside the search.