Nebula Legal Hold (NLH)

Nebula Legal Hold (NLH) enables you to manage legal hold notices, templates, automated reminders, and responses in the same platform where you manage your preservation and eDiscovery data. NLH dramatically simplifies legal hold management while eliminating the need for expensive third-party tools.


When working with NLH, you will:

  1. Import or add contacts involved with the legal hold.
  2. Create a new legal hold.
  3. Create communications for the hold.
    • There are four types of communications:

    • Initial Communications: Notifies custodian that the hold exists and defines their obligations under the hold.
    • Refresh: Reminds custodian that there is an active hold (scheduled monthly, quarterly or yearly).
    • Release: Notifies custodian they are no longer on the hold (scope changed, hold has ended, …).
    • Support: Notifies departments such as IT that their assistance is required in implementing the hold.

    Note: You can create email templates at this time for future communications.

  4. Monitor the communications using the NLH dashboard.

To view Nebula Legal Hold

  1. Click Preserve > Nebula Legal Hold > Dashboard.
  2. In the Holds and Communications menu bar, click the View icon to display either Hold Details ...

...or Communication Details.