NBD File Browser

Browse the files in NBD and view the details of an individual file or email on the Nebula Big Data page.

To view Nebula Big Data

  1. Click Preserve > Nebula Big Data > File Browser.
  2. In the Nebula Big Date list, select a store type (File or Email) to view its contents.
  3. Note: The specific store types available depends on the type of data in your Nebula Big Data.

  4. Click a store to view its contents, including its path, size, and number of documents, in the Details panel (named for the selected folder).
  5. To view details of an individual file or email, click its Info icon to open its File Info message box.
  6. Sample File information

    Sample Email information

To add a folder to the Nebula Big Data list

  1. In the Nebula Big Data page Details header, click the Action icon and select Add New Folder.
  2. In the Add Folder dialog box, enter a Name for the new folder and click Create.