The Downloads page lists all the documents downloaded in Review, including their details, such as:

  • Documents included in the download (as well as their type and size)
  • Any exceptions causing errors.

The Downloads page also enables you to download the documents that were downloaded in the current matter.

To review the Downloads page

  1. Click Review > Admin > Downloads.

To refresh the Downloads page

  1. On the Downloads menu bar, click the Refresh icon .

To view the type, size, and pages of a download

  1. Click the download in the Download list and view its Download Items.

To view additional details, such as exceptions causing errors in a download

  1. Locate the print job in the Print Queue list, click its Action icon and select Details.
  2. On the View Task [#] window, view the Task and any Exceptions related to the download

To download the documents in a download

  • In the Downloads list, click the download with the documents you want to download.
  • To download all documents in the download, in the Print Data section, click .
  • To download individual documents in the download, locate the document in the Additional Data section and click .