A/V Suite

The A/V Document Status pages lists the documents within the matter with audio redactions. It also displays totals of the numbers of documents:

  • With markup, redactions, and annotations.
  • That are burning or have already had redactions burned.
  • That contain exceptions and did not burn successfully (Examples: incorrect set up, unable to access the file with current read/write permissions...)

To review the details of all audio redactions applied within a matter

  1. Click Review > Admin > A/V Suite.
Column Content
Document Document where audio redaction(s) and/or annotation(s) were added.
Application File type.
Extensions File's extension.
Redactions Total number of redactions and/or annotations added to document.
Annotations Total number of annotations added to document.
Burned Have redactions been burned onto the file? (Yes or No).
Exception Were there any exceptions during the burn process? (Yes or No).
Redaction Sound Style of redaction selected on document.