Assigning Custodians

After selecting the folders files you want to upload, select the custodians for file collections. You can select a custodian for the entire file collection level or individual custodians for each folder and file. You can also assign new custodians to existing drop lists.

Note: "Generate_Based_On_Folder_Name" is available for folders selected from the share browser or for uploaded archives.

To assign a single custodian to all uploaded document sources

  1. Use the Assign Custodian drop list to select the custodian for all items in the Upload Files list.

To assign a custodian to each uploaded document source

  1. Use the Custodian name drop lists to select the custodian for each item in the Uploaded files list.

To add new custodians to drop lists

  1. If the custodian you want to assign does not appear in the Assign Custodian or Custodian name drop lists, click the Add icon .
  2. In the Add Custodian window, type the Name of the new custodian and click Add.