Applying Advanced Options

Advance options enable you to apply additional selection criteria to files prior to processing.

To apply advanced options

  1. On the Upload Files page, elect the advanced options you want to apply from the following sections:
  2. Auto Promotion Options:

    • Remove Duplicates: Select to eliminate duplicate copies of repeating data within the newly processed batch.
    • Remove Exportable Duplicates: Select to eliminate repeating copies within the newly processed batch that duplicate documents from prior batches that were promoted to Review.
    • Matter: Select the "case" to which the uploaded files will be assigned.
    • Export Type: Select from the following:
    • Total: Export documents only.
    • Related: Export documents and related items, such as attachments.
    • Deduplication Type: Select from the following:
    • Global: Removes duplicate copies of repeating data across all custodians.
    • Custodian: Removes duplicate copies based on individual custodians.
    • Auxiliary Search: Select to restrict data to that based on the criteria of a saved search.

Advanced Promotion Options:

  1. Text Email Headers:
  2. Max Spreadsheet Size:
  3. Exclude Attached Images:
  4. Use System Date: Select to take system date into consideration when populating the Default Date attribute. (The logic to populate the attribute becomes Sent Date > Received Date > Last Modified Date > Created Date > System Date.)
  5. De-NIST: Select to exclude NIST documents.
  6. Ignore System Dates after Collection Date: Select to ignore any dates in the data set more recent than the date of processing.
  7. Explode Embedded: Select to save images embedded within files as additional files.
  8. Needs OCR JPG:
  9. Needs OCR PDF:
  10. Needs OCR TIFF:
  11. Auto-Run

    • Run Keywords: Select to perform keyword searches. (Keywords will be highlighted in the document during Review.)
    • Run Detect Language: Select to determine which languages are present in file.
    • Run Sentiment Analysis: Select to enable Sentiment Document Types in the NLP Options section.
    • Run Named Entity Detection: Select to enable Entity Document Types and Entity Categories in the NLP Options section.

    NLP Options

    • Entity Document Types: Select the type of document on which NLP (Natural Language Processing) will be applied.
    • Entity Categories: Select the type of entity on which NLP will be applied.
    • Sentiment Document Types: Select the type of document on which NLP will be applied.

    OCR Options

    Language Options

    • Max Text Snippet Size
    • Language Probability
    • Detection Mode
    • Primary Language
    • Min File Size
    • Short to Normal Threshold

    Container Options

    Only applies to Perceptive processing

    1. Container Split Chunk Size: Select method of processing PSTs in parallel chunks (either by percentage or number of messages).
    2. Container Split Threshold: Select the PSTs size threshold at which containers are split and processed in parallel.